Sarah Marrich


Autistic. ADHD. PDA. Disabled. Occupational Therapist.

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Sarah Marrick


Autistic. ADHD. PDA
Disabled. Occupational Therapist.

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Sarah Marrich, MSOT, OTR/L is an autistic occupational therapist living in the Southwestern United States.

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"I love connecting with neurodivergent people of all ages

Practicing therapy with an emphasis on joy, compassion, humour, and collaboration."












Sarah first self identified as autistic during graduate school and then was formally diagnosed at 36 years old. She recognises how important OT (occupational therapy) has been in understanding her own experiences as a neurodivergent person, and is committed to using this knowledge to help other people. Her favourite thing in the world is helping others to (re)find their most joyful and authentic sensory selves.

Prior to becoming an OT, Sarah spent many years as a preschool teacher, nanny, and tutor. She found great happiness in working with young children and their families; forming many deep connections, and often with very little spoken language to get in the way. Sarah also studied cultural anthropology and computer science at university, and these (plus many other) passionate interests inform her eclectic therapeutic practice. 

Sarah enjoys spending time outside, preferably in the shade with a variety of snacks. She is also fond of all things word-related (reading, crossword puzzles, wordplay, etymologies, echolalia) and tends to communicate with an abundance of movie and television quotes. When she isn’t busy making obscure references, Sarah listens to music, dances, meditates, plays with her cat, and makes fantastical dioramas. She is a devoted Auntie and happily child-free. 

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