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Autistic led on-demand education from the lived experience & professional qualifications of experts who are autistic, ADHD, PDA, tourettes and more

for parents, allied health professionals and educators who are supporting, and educating neurodivergent people from birth to adulthood.

We provide bite sized multimedia content on various topics pertaining to autism, ADHD, PDA, dyslexia, tourettes and more; for the purpose of educating and informing families, individuals, educators and allied health from a lived perspective.

  • All neurodivergent experts

  • New videos and written pieces every month

  • Parenting guidance

  • Personal narratives shared in mentorship for individuals

  • Monthly online training for individuals, families & professionals

  • Allied health professionals

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Our collective includes a range of experts including, but not limited to:

Educators, Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Consultants, Advocates, Activists, Music Therapists, Parenting and Family Support Specialists, Environmentalists, Published Writers, Public Speakers and Parents.

And, we are all Autistic.

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To be Neurodivergent is to be a person who is wired to think, be and do differently.

Communicatively, socially, in our learning pathways and styles, in our mental and emotional wellbeing and our overall neurobiology.

Being neurodivergent isn’t just about diverging from what are understood as neuro-normative standards, it’s about dismantling and destigmatising current collective understandings and approaches that inform therapies, practices and supports that are designed to support neurodivergent populations.

A neurodivergent person is someone who identifies as being Autistic, Dyslexic, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) just to name a few; and encompasses a range of neurological, social and biological differences that have been misunderstood for almost 80 years now as “disorder”, "deficits" and as "deviating from typical or normal".

On Demand multimedia content with the ability to search specific topics, along with monthly live trainings with Q & A.

The ND Co. seeks to dismantle what has been for more than a century now, the stereotype of autism. We want to communicate candidly; with courage, honesty and truth both our incredible resilience and the many adversities we face as misunderstood people. We are passionate about social change and radical acceptance and our mission is to change the current narrative many families are often provided upon their child being identified neurodivergent. Those narratives are often lived out, carried into spaces where support is sought, and dismal and limiting perspectives and hope for neurodivergent children are cultivated. The ND Co. advocates for positive neurodivergent identity. We are diverse, we are different, and we are proud.

The education and information on offer to families, educators, allied health professionals and other members of the public will be derivative of lived experience from diverse perspectives and intersectional communities that are neurokin to us. This includes our neurodivergent communities who are also indigenous, LGBTQIA+, adults, youth, multicultural, non speaking, and living out a variety of neurodivergent expressions. Diversity within neurodivergence is profoundly important as it showcases what we know; that is; that the “autism spectrum” is neither a linear representation or sliding scale of functionality, but a wonderful array of strengths, challenges, sensory profiles, communicative differences, and physical expressions of human being and human doing.





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Registered Music Therapist



Dr Erin


Harry Thompson



Peer Educator


Speech-Language Pathologist

Sarah Selvaggi-Hernandez

Occupational Therapist

Sarah Marrich

Occupational Therapist





Kieran Rose

Educator & Consultant

Kristy Forbes

Educator & Support Specialist

Noor Abdul


Dr Wenn Lawson

Psychologist & Researcher

Zoe Martin


Dr Emma Goodall

Disability & Education Specialist

The Neurodivergent Co. Membership is NDIS approved

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We pay deep respect to Elders past and present and continue a commitment to the amplification of their voices.

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